Saturday, June 2, 2007

1 Series

2007 1 Series 5-door with special Aerodynamic Package

2007 1 Series 5-door with special Aerodynamic Package

The 1 Series is a small family car launched in Autumn 2004 in Europe. It is the only rear wheel drive vehicle in its class. A coupé has been announced for late 2007, and there are concepts for a hatchback and a minivan. It shares the same engines with the 318i, 318d, 320i, 320d and 330i. U.S. introduction for the 1 series is expected in MY2009 as a coupe' and convertible, in the 128i and the 135i, the latter powered by the fabulous N54 engine in the 335 lineup. The 1 series pricing fits neatly between MINI and the current E90 felipe cruz 3-series.

3 Series

Previous generation BMW E46 Sport

Previous generation BMW E46 Sport

The 3 Series is BMW's entry-level luxury sedan, now in its fifth generation (E90). The car is also frequently attributed to BMW's sales success and is a major volume production for the company. The E90 line has been available in the United States and Canada since the 2006 model year. The E90 is currently available in the 318i (detuned 2.0 L I4 engine producing 129 hp), 318d (detuned 2.0 L I4 diesel producing 122 hp), 320i (with 2.0 L I4 producing 150 hp), 320d (with I4 diesel producing 163 hp), 323i (with I6 producing 174 hp), 325i (with a detuned 3.0 L I6 engine producing 215 hp or a 2.5 L I6 producing 218 hp), 325d (detuned 3.0 L I6 producing 197 hp), 330d (3.0l I6 producing 231 hp) and the 330i (with a 3.0 L I6 engine producing 255 hp), as well as the AWD-versions of these two models: 325xi and 330xi. In 2007 model year, a new engine was introduced: 335i. Notably, 335i used a twin-turbo charged in-line 6 cylinder engine, generating 300hp and 300 lb.ft. of torque.

6 Series

2004 6 Series Convertible(45i)

2004 6 Series Convertible(45i)

The 6 Series is currently available in the 650i version with a 4.8 L V8 producing 360 hp and the 630i version with a 3.0l R6 Straight Six engine (it was the first model to use this engine).

  • M6: A high performance version of the 6 Series. Developed by BMW's M Division, it is powered by the same 5.0 L V10 507 hp engine seen in the BMW M5. It is currently available in Europe, America and Australia.

7 Series

BMW 7-Series (current generation, pre-update)

BMW 7-Series (current generation, pre-update)

A full-size luxury car competing with the world leader, the Lexus LS460, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8, and Jaguar XJ. The 7 Series comes in the 730i/730Li, 730d/730Ld, 740i/740Li, 750i/750Li with the same engine as their respective 5 Series equivalent, and in the 760i and 760Li, with a 6.0 L V12 producing 438 hp. The 760Li is also made in a bulletproof version for clients who need extra protection. BMW plans to offer a car that runs on both petrol and hydrogen (hybrid).

BMW has announced a BMW Hydrogen 7 car for U.S. and Europe in 2007.

Monday, May 14, 2007

NeW Car

2007 Honda Accord Hybrid

Specifications for the Honda Accord Hybrid
Basic Specs
Body style: Sedan
Seating capacity: 5
Engine: 3.0L V-6 24 valve SOHC SMPI recommends gasoline hybrid fuel
Engine horsepower: 253hp @ 6,000RPM
Engine torque: 232 lb.-ft. @ 5,000RPM
Transmission: 5 speed automatic
Drivetrains: front-wheel
Curb weight: 3,605lbs (1,635kg)
Miles per gallon (city/hwy): 28/35
Performance Specs
0-60 mph: 7.3 seconds
Lateral acceleration (g): .8
Power-to-weight ratio: 14.2 lb/hp

Mercedes CLK-Class Coupé

The CLK-Class Coupé has a sporty dynamic look. It looks as if it´s in motion, even when it´s standing still.

The newly-designed front bumper and sideskirts, in the same colour as the body, form a continuous line with the wings and doors. Chrome-trimmed door handles and all-round protection strips, also in the body colour, are recessed into the bodywork and blend subtly into the side contours. There’s also a stylish chrome trim accentuating the lines of the window surrounds, further emphasising the aerodynamic shape. Finally, the rear impressively concludes with some new-look tail-lights.
Highly sensitive
Headlamp Assist uses a light sensor on the windscreen to detect light levels. Meaning that when it is dark, or if you drive into a car park or tunnel, the lights automatically turn on for you (and off when you come out) although foggy conditions require manual operation.
Hard cell
The high-strength steel bodyshell has been completely redesigned, increasing the car’s all-angle resistance to impact by as much as 40% in the front and rear.

Despite the frameless side windows and lack of a middle (B-) pillar, this car is more robust than ever. Crash ratings for the CLK-Class have shown its occupant protection to be on a par with the S-Class.

Volkswagen Passat Sedan FWD

Basic Specs
Body style: Sedan
Seating capacity: 5
Engine: 3.6L V-6 24 valve DOHC direct gasoline injection
Engine horsepower: 280hp @ 6,200RPM
Engine torque: 265 lb.-ft. @ 2,750RPM
Transmission: 6 speed automatic
Drivetrains: front-wheel
Curb weight: 3,576lbs (1,622kg)
Miles per gallon (city/hwy): 19/28
Performance Specs
0-60 mph: 6.0 seconds
Lateral acceleration (g): .9
Payload: 1,177lbs (534kg)
Power-to-weight ratio: 12.8 lb/hp

Monday, April 23, 2007


Base: Woking, UK
Drivers: F Alonso
L Hamilton
Test Drivers: P de la Rosa
G Paffett
Chassis: MP4-22
Engine: Mercedes-Benz FO 108T
Tyres: Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 1966
World Championships: 8
Highest race finish: 1 (x149)
Pole Positions: 125
Fastest Laps: 129


Base: Maranello - Italy
Drivers: F Massa
K Räikkönen
Test Drivers: L Badoer
Chassis: F2007
Engine: 056
Tyres: Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 1950
World Championships: 14
Highest race finish: 1 (x194)
Pole Positions: 189
Fastest Laps: 194

BMW Sauber

Base: Munich, Germany / Hinwil, Switzerland
Drivers: N Heidfeld
R Kubica
Test Drivers: T Glock
S Vettel
Chassis: F1.07
Engine: BMW P86/7
Tyres: Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 1993
World Championships: 0
Highest race finish: 3 (x8)
Pole Positions: 0
Fastest Laps: 0


Base: Enstone, UK
Drivers: G Fisichella
H Kovalainen
Test Drivers: R Zonta
N Piquet
Chassis: R27
Engine: RS27
Tyres: Bridgestone Potenza
First Season: 1977
World Championships: 2
Highest race finish: 1 (x33)
Pole Positions: 50
Fastest Laps: 27